Welcome to the One Minute Digital podcast, the go-to podcast for e-Commerce, online marketing, social media and the impact digital have on business models and marketing.

The podcast was started by Daniel Westerstål a seasoned digital marketing and technology professional in 2017. The One Minute Digital podcast features his reflections, tips and how to:s for companies and individual to leverage digital and technology to their advantage.

Daniel is a freelancing consultant and running the Digital by Daniel (DBYD) digital business and marketing agency from his office in Malta. He has previous experience with marketing, communications and technology in large global enterprises.

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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio files that can be subscribed to and listed to. Usually you can subscribe to them to get automatic updates when new episodes are available.

As opposed to reading podcasts enables you to listen wherever you are while doing other things. Many of our listeners listen in the car, on their commute, in the gym or when out walking the dog.


Why should I listen to One Minute Digital podcast?

I understand this question, there are many digital marketing and technology podcasts out there. One Minute Digital is a quicker type of podcast, with key insights that you can apply in your profession directly.

In it we try to be basic and explain e-Commerce, online marketing and digital technology in an understandable manner. Many of the insights are based on real implementation that I have seen when actually working with digital marketing, e-Commerce, customer experience, social media, SEO and content.


Where can I find transcriptions from the One Minute Digital podcast:

Each episode is published on the Digitalbydaniel website in the blog section.  Here you can also find the key-take aways for each episode, additional links and notes.


Can I sponsor the One Minute Digital podcast?

Yes, but it depends on the product or service. Send me an e-mail.


As a business how should I approach podcasting?

There are two approaches one can take. The first is to create your own podcast about topics in your industry, the other is to sponsor podcasts relevant to your business.


Should I hire an agency to create my podcasts?

No! Marketing, production and content ideas can be done by an agency. [Hint] Digital by Daniel can help you. For the actual talking and insights I prefer to feature real employees of your business to make the podcast genuine.


What type of equipment do I need to create a podcast?

There is so much equipment you can get. I use the Yeti Blue USB-microphone, and sometimes the standard microphone on my Iphone (when travelling). I recommend getting a small travel microphone as well that can be directly connected to your phone for quick recording.


What type of software do I need for podcasting?

I use Audacity for Windows to edit my podcasts and transform them into MP3-files. For the Ipad I use Bossjock Studio to record podcasts.