How to become an Instagram star

Instagram is becoming an increasingly important channel for companies to enable more sales and leads. Yet many companies are struggling to reach the 800 million monthly active users. Find out in our guide how your company can become a star on Instagram, and use it to generate more sales.

Instagram is an important part of generating sales online

Start with a content plan

This is the master document that will rule where to take your Instagram. Content planning is more important than you probably think, don’t just go around the office capturing nice pictures and posting. Instead start by defining what type of content you need to post, aligned to your business goals.

In the content plan define a tone of voice to keep consistency. Tone of voice on Instagram is of course also how the photos look and what they commmunicate, together with the text. Make a small calendar for the next couple of weeks on what type of content that should be posted.

1. Photo quality

Instagram have loads of filters to make your pictures look better. On the other hand a solid basic result of the photo without using filters is preferred. Be sure not to post only corporate brand images. Instead find your brand’s tone of voice by mixing brand, in-use, rough, unpolished, rare and detail images. Figure out what works best with your audience.


2. Mix Common and Niche Hashtags

Check what hashtags are common within your area and attach to them. Some niches on Instagram usually start with the word “Insta”, for example #Instacars or #Instafashion. Other huge hashtags on Instagram are #Instagood, #Love, #PhotoOfTheDay, #Follow.

Furthermore there are hashtags that are time related, for example memories and nostalgia during throwback Thursdays (#tbt).

Mix the common hashtags with niche hashtags specific to your industry sector. For example if you are selling historic maps you probably want to target history hashtags and maps hashtags.


3. Comment and engage

Instagram is one of the larger social networks in the world, chances are that there are already ongoing conversations about your brand or topics related to your brand. Comment and engage in these conversations by adding value, this will also prominently display your Instagram profile.


4. Identify the major influencers in your niche

Check what the major influencers in your niche are posting on Instagram. Some accounts are happy to repost photos from others, try to engage with these type of accounts and get a mention when your photos are reposted.


5. Think long-term

Success on Instagram is a long game, constantly posting new photos and content, commenting and engaging. Most social media accounts doesn’t grow their audience over night, even for big brands. This is also why social media is so hard, most give up or loose focus along the way.


6. Use videos

Moving media is nothing new on Instagram, however mixing your photos with the occasional video makes for more varieté.


7. Be in the moment

Moments end up at the very top of your followers feeds which makes for a nice brand placing and engagement. Using moments you are able to add text on top your images and videos, similar to Snapchat styled content.


8. Link and embed your Instagram

Link to your Instagram page from your own webpage and other social media accounts you might have. Also don’t forget that Instagram still have the feature to embed Instagram posts into your blog or other webpages opening up your feed for an audience who might not see it otherwise.


9. Use The Facebook Pixel

When surfing e-Commerce shops and other websites you will sometimes notice that ads for the services on Instagram is similar to your surfing behavior. This is not an accident. To achieve this, install the Facebook tracking pixel (it works both for Facebook and Instagram) on your website. This enables you to target ads on Instagram towards people who have visited your website.


10. Competitions

Arranging sweepstakes and competitions giving away prices to your audience in exchange for them taking photos related to your brand or product is a good way to grow your account and following. Make sure to create a hashtag for the competition and clear instructions on how to participate.

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