Why Twitter is still relevant for your company

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform today, in the US eight out of ten americans uses it. Twitter is far down the list with a usage of 21% of the american population. Still Twitter can provide value for enterprise businesses and organisations, especially when it comes to PR and customer service.

Why Twitter still is relevant for your business

Reaching out to influencers

On Twitter there are number of active influencer groups. Investors for example is quite active on the platform and so are financial journalists. So if you are working for a listed company being on Twitter is a hygiene factor.

Trump is on Twitter, and so is Macron and a number of other politicians. Obviously many of the accounts are run by their staff. However there are lower level politicians that use Twitter frequently.

If there are politicians, you will also find journalists. Journalists are using Twitter to keep up to date on specific topics, find sources and research new topics to write about. It’s important to remember that the journalists on Twitter are not general, they often operate in specific niches.

Exhibitions and conferences

If your company invests a lot in being present at various exhibitions , Twitter is a good complement. Most exhibitions have hashtags on Twitter and a conversation going on before, during and after the show. Add Twitter Live (it’s possible to livestream on Twitter without Periscope) to the mix and you have a powerful online event presence.

Customer service

Amazon, KLM and H&M are all offering customer service in several languages through Twitter. It’s a growing way of engaging with customers, making it easier for them to reach out when help is needed. In a Sprout Social Survey (Q2 2016), 34.5% of consumers prefer to reach out to a customer service agent via social media.

A number of customer service systems also have connections with Twitter, such as Zendesk. Making it even easier for your customer service team to work with customers on Twitter.

News events

Twitter is a perfect platform to engage with an audience related to news events within your industry sector. When news events occur there is usually a live conversation, that can be monitored or engaged with. The newsfeed on Twitter during a news event will have many different stakeholders and viewpoints.

Launch a new product or service

Since the Twitter platform is best suited for news events one usage is to tie it in with your product or service launches. This way your company reaches journalists and other influencers who will get the information and hopefully feature your new offering.

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